Do you offer interior design services? 

Yes, Palais can also serve as your interior designer to avoid the high markup costs (typically 250-300%!) that is usually passed between artists and interior designers onto the client. This means that if you are working with an interior designer, the cost of a $1,500 painting is $4,500 to you, with the artist only receiving $1,500 and the interior designer taking the profit. Most artists do not also serve as the business representative, and work with designers or art consultants in order to be matched with potential buyers. Palais is different - we do our own project management for a flat rate fee per project and remove the expensive middleman. This model puts more money into the pockets of the creators themselves and saves you money too! Email megan@palaisfashion.com with your design project needs and we are happy to provide a free consultation and project quote.

Can you ship outside of the U.S.?

Yes, we can ship outside of the U.S. through a carrier that specializes in shipping fine art. Different service options are available, Please email megan@palaisfashion.com for a quote.

How do you ship artwork? 

By default, all works are shipped for free to address in the lower 48 United States rolled in a tube (except for the Made in Minne Collection). This means that you will receive a canvas that needs to be stretched onto stretcher bars in order to hang and/or frame. Any local frame shop will be able to do this for you. And if you want to DIY it, check out this how-to video.

If, however, you need your artwork to be shipped flat and ready to hang, we are happy to find the best available quote for freight services that will be added to your purchase cost. It is usually cheaper overall for the buyer to have it shipped rolled and take to a framer for stretching, but you should also take into consideration the time it takes for you to do that. If you want to avoid the logistics and pay for crate shipping upfront, you can request a quote from us.

Do you accept requests for custom/commission work?

Yes, a limited number of projects are accepted per month. Please get in touch to discuss!

Do you work with designers? 

Yes. If you are a designer and have a project that needs artwork for its permanent collection, ask for a consultation and quote. Of course if you see something you like on the website, it is also available to you. Once a piece is published with a price, there are no additional discounts for designers, consultants, or other trades since that is already the lowest available retail price.

Can I rent artwork?

Yes! Currently there is no self-service option to rent artwork through this website, but those options will be coming soon. If you would like to rent art for a photoshoot or other project, please get in touch and specify your project dates, location, and design needs.

How do you determine price? 

The price of a piece depends on its size, uniqueness, and complexity. Also factored in are the years of experience the artist brings to the canvas with each brush stroke. All pieces are original which ensures you are getting a work of art that no one else has. For this reason, standard pricing by size is going away. All pieces will be listed for sale consistent with its value.

If working through an art consultant or gallery, or if you represent an art consultant or gallery, please contact us to get a quote as commission rates vary from agent to agent.