Megan Gonyo, Founder of Palette Champagne

Founded by Megan Gonyo in 2016, Palais - formerly Palette Champagne - started as a side hustle operating out of a small apartment. Fast forward to now, Megan works with clients who want to level up their homes and workspaces with modern artwork. Original pieces of art are statements about you - they add an element of sophistication and luxury to your décor, and they tell others that you have style, you are cultured, and you appreciate the finer things in life.

Most recently, she added a clothing line to her store to have fun with fashion. Megan's work has been described as colorful, and that's exactly the kind of outlook on life she hopes to inspire in others. The world is colorful and beauty everywhere, if you pay attention.

Megan Gonyo is the artist behind Palais which operates out of Northwind Lofts in NE Minneapolis, Minnesota. A self-taught artist for more than 20 years, Megan has a unique skill set in that her work is versatile. Different styles, color palettes, and mediums are used to create collections of work. Megan started as a landscape artist using oils as her preferred medium and color value techniques to create highly technical and realistic depictions of places and things. But over the last few years, acrylics and mixed media have taken the spotlight to create abstract works that force the viewer’s mind to explore things outside of what our eyes perceive in the real world and walk into the realm of ideas, dreams, and inspiration. Megan is an avid world traveler and gets her inspiration from the exercise of communicating with others across language barriers by way of the visual arts.

Megan also offers creative services to startups. Visit www.megangonyo.com for more info or to book a consultation.